Above and beyond - The staff - The eyewear choices are amazing. You won’t find a more pleasant experience.
— Edith Veltri

Widest selection of glasses ive ever seen from high end brands ive never even heard of. They make it incredibly easy to try on virtually every style and see yourself with no shortage of mirrors around. Staff is also extremely helpful and friendly.
— Alexander Sainz

Words can’t adequately describe the gratitude I have for Dr. Falco. After seeing several eye doctors and being told I might have a basal cell on my eyelid I went to my trusted dermatologist Dr. Loeser.

She saw something that concerned her combined with the fact that my vision was deteriorating. She called Dr. Falco who saw me within an hour. Thank god she did.

Dr. Falco did a very thorough exam unlike any I’ve ever had and after looking at my records told me I was being over medicated and that was why I was losing my vision.

The drops I was prescribed were inappropriate for the length of time and frequency. They were playing havoc with my diabetes as well as my vision.
I can’t begin to thank Dr Falco enough.

If you are looking for a knowledgeable, compassionate optometrist you can put your trust in Dr Laura Falco.
— Andrea Altman

I was referred here by the VA (retired military) for my eye exam. Never having needed glasses before, I had several questions/concerns. Dr. Kimmelman was very professional & thorough (after chastising me a bit for waiting so long) and explained everything quite clearly.

Although I did not actually purchase glasses there, the selection was impressive. Recommended!
— J C Mcguirk

Being completely impressed and overall satisfied by the care and treatment by Dr. Falco is an understatement! I had gone months without knowing why my vision was blurry, despite being recently fitted for glasses by another doctor.

Not only did Dr. Falco immediately diagnose my problem, she guided me to the most amazing specialists who provided answers that I wasn’t able to get before I came under her care. She delivered on her promise to improve my vision and allow me to be comfortable again.

From the selection of the most stylish and beautiful glasses, to the overall teamwork approach by her staff, I was completely impressed with the new Jazzy Eyes!
— Hailey Goldman, Esq.